Introducing the Juggler

Last week I began to work on an original OSE campaign setting, whose theme you have probably already guessed from the title of this post. The Juggler is the first of at least four homebrew classes that will populate the performances of the Circus of the Pale Moon, and the somehow forced explorations of nearby dungeons.

Jugglers are masters in the use of improvised weapons thanks to their exceptional hand-eye coordination. Their unpredictable nature can be extremely useful outside of a circus ring, if they don’t venture too much the front line of a fight.

This was my very first attempt at writing homebrew material for OSE, so I chose the parametrically safe approach of reskinning a Thief into something more thematically appropriate. Feel free to playtest it and tell me your opinion!

The PDF layout is freely copied inspired from the borderline-perfect one of the official OSE products, as approved by Necrotic Gnome’s Third Party License.